Spring 1997
I completed a BS in Business Education at Central Washington University and did my student teaching at Ellensburg High School to complete my education and receive my teaching certificate.

Fall 1997 - 1999
My first teaching job was with Wenatchee High School where I team taught business computer courses, coordinated the work experience program and advised the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club.

I was also employed by Wenatchee Valley College's continuing education department as their evening program assistant, where I administered instructional support, helped develop courses and taught as needed.

During this time period I also completed necessary work hours to receive my K-12 Vocational Certificate.

Summer 1999 - 2003
I seized the opportunity to become involved with a groundbreaking technology research project funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  I was hired by the Cascade Consortium (comprised of Lake Chelan, Manson, Methow Valley, Entiat and Pateros School Districts) as their technology integration coordinator.  The focus of the project was the sharing of resources through distance learning, implemented in the form of video conferencing over a fiber optic network.

Locally, my responsibilities included professional development training, trouble shooting and maintaining the video network, compiling data and preparing reports for monthly consortium meetings and annual reports to the U.S.D.O.E.

My role in assisting the grant manager involved promoting the project locally on radio and in print, as well as presenting the project at national conferences.  We also regularly hosted representatives from U.S. and Canadian school districts who were interested in implementing a similar system.

During this time period I was also lead coordinator of a national grant for Lake Chelan and Manson school districts. The PT3 (Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology) grant involved enabling existing educators to mentor pre-service teachers in technology use in the classroom.

Managing the PT3 grant included budgeting for and purchasing equipment and materials as well as driving emerging technology adoption by existing teachers.  Grant requirements involved multiple yearly trips to Rhode Island with my team to report and present our progress to other grant recipients and administrators.

In 2002 I was offered a scholarship to participate in a pilot online-masters program through Western Governors University.  My enrollment in the program included providing feedback on the methods and delivery of content to help develop and refine the online experience for future students.

I also remained connected with WVC as an adjunct instructor at their Chelan branch, teaching computer applications and internet courses in the evening.

Fall 2003 - 2004
After completion of both grants I decided to return to the K-12 classroom.  I accepted a position at Eastmont Junior High teaching word processing full-time.  During that year my husband and I decided to start a family.  I completed the school year with the intention of taking maternity leave in the fall and returning to work that winter.  However, that summer I was offered, and accepted a part-time position at Manson High School.

Fall 2004 - 2012
As the vocationally certified Career and Technical Education teacher at Manson High School, I was an integral part of creating a program that complied with state vocational standards.  Along with establishing and maintaining a vocational advisory board and a student leadership club (FBLA), I developed and taught the curriculum, including frameworks with scope and sequence, in accordance with state outcomes.

As the FBLA advisor I mentored students and accompanied them at regional and state competitions, as well as creating fundraising activities including a student store.

For the last six years at Manson I was also the yearbook advisor.

In 2006 I completed the online program with Western Governors University and received my Masters in Education, Management and Innovation.

As my kids became school aged, I decided to return to full-time work.  As there was no full-time position available in Manson, it meant I would have to be moving on from this wonderful district.

Fall 2012 - Present
I am currently a Professor and Program Coordinator for the Business Computer Technology department at Wenatchee Valley College.  Along with teaching duties, I am also involved with student advising and am a member of several committees on campus and in the community.